CD #1
track selection vote
We are voting for the tracks we each think should be included on the final CD.  Given the number of tracks and length of each track, it is possible for all tracks to be included.

There are 3 different votes:

  • YES
  • NO
  • and MAYBE

Vote on each track.

To vote, copy and paste the list of songs below into an email message addressed to

Then delete the words "your vote" inside each ( ) and type in whatever your vote is for each track.  Feel free to include comments on any track in addition to your vote:

1. Pass the Message - (your vote)
2. It's Hard - (your vote)
3. Somebody Real - (your vote)
4. Technical Difficulties - (your vote)
5. Double Yew Dot YZE - (your vote)
6. The Year 2005 - (your vote)
7. Pop Up Blockerz - (your vote)
8. Left Behind - (your vote)
9. Slow It Down - (your vote)
10. Are You Ready? - (your vote)
11. PC Cillin - (your vote)
12. Holiday (Browse With Me) - (your vote)
13. Game World - (your vote)
14. Internet Junkie - (your vote)
15. Hacker Ethic - (your vote)
16. Cookie Monsters - (your vote)
17. Minority Report - (your vote)
18. The State of Hip Hop - (your vote)
Voting is open from Friday, February 4th to Tuesday, February 8th.

We will tally the votes and present them at our next meeting: Wednesday, February 9th.